Straight Talk


Austane® is used as the preferred materials in many industries. It is the ideal choice in all application areas which call for exceptionally high resistance to wear combined with a high mechanical load-bearing capacity.

Industry Components

Materials handling Wheels, Tyres, Castors

Paper Cyclones, Blades

Glass Rollers, Castors, Wear Plates

Mining Cyclone Separators, Screens, Blades,

Pump Diaphragms and membranes

shute linings, conveyor rollers.

Bottling Grippers, Star Wheels

Printing & Screen Printing Rollers, Blades

Transport Shock Absorbers, Bridge Bearings

Crane Buffers, Conveyor rollers

and buffers.

Petrochemical Pump Seals

Waste Water Scraper Blades, Rollers, Pipe

Sections, Valve linings.