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Conveyor belt supports and doctor blades

These Austane components used in the mining industry can withstand high tear propagation, wear and abrasion. As well, they have high impact resilience in wet or dry conditions.
Austane support rollers are used as level controllers on conveyor belts. These rollers have been tested and results show a life span of up to five times longer than that of rubber rollers.
Austane doctor knives have the abrasive resistance required for cleaning conveyor belts. They redirect and clean the abrasive materials off the conveyors.
Pumps used in the mining industry transfer a wide range of media. Austane pump membranes perform well when transferring abrasive slurries. Austane pipe sections, such as elbows, tees and y-sections, are the correct material used in wet abrasive conditions, outlasting traditional materials.
Other applications in the mining industry: pump ball valves; mining screens; shute and valve linings.