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Cyclone separators, screens, blades

The components of machines which separate unwanted constituents or classify abrasive materials in ore-dressing plants, have to withstand exceptionally hard treatment. This is an ideal application for Austane® in the mining industry.

Austane® ‘flip-flop’ screens can be thin and flexible, yet are able to ensure the tremendous wear from the abrasive material which this pulsating screening equipment handles. Austane® screens retain their elasticity and dimensional stability despite high-frequency alternating tensile stress. They are therefore able to maintain screening efficiency.

Austane® hydrocyclone separators are used for classification of ores, minerals, pigments and to clarify and thicken suspensions. Austane®‘s properties of corrosion resistance enables the cyclone to give a long service life and maintain high levels of functional efficiency, despite the abrasive and corrosive factor of these materials. Another advantage is the light weight and ease of maintenance of Austane® cyclones.

Example: self-supporting cyclone parts with flange joints which need no additional seals due to the high stiffness combined with the high flexibility and low compression set of Austane®.