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Wheels, types, castors

The properties required for an economic design and long service life, are usually the ability to bear very heavy loads, high resistance to tear and tear propagation, low rolling resistance, low damping values and minimal permanent set. Austane®‘s high modulus of elasticity ensures that these requirements are met. In fact Austane® can withstand loads up to three times greater than the equivalent rubber product. This crucial benefit allows for the design of both smaller and lighter parts.

Other plastics with equally good loading capabilities, tend to be considerably harder, which means less stability and more noise. Austane® effectively reduces noise and the risk of damage to floors and floor coverings, while being so tough that there is little danger of the product being torn or cut.

Some examples of Austane® uses are: heavy duty wheels, 510 mm OD x 150 mm width – maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes at 6 km/h, for heavy duty industrial applications; wheels on roller coasters, solving vibration problems and giving smooth safe rides; wheels on telescopic gangways to aircraft, bear heavy loads and give total reliability, while not marking tarmacs; fork-lift wheels often used on rough floor surfaces show minimal wear and leave no marks.