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Nylon Rollers

AustLon® cast nylon rollers have been used across many industries to reduce noise and reduce rail wear. Nylon rollers being significantly lighter than steel rollers can improve the rolling operation, for example in flanged beam rollers. Nylon rollers offer wear resistance where a part slides over the roller surface. Nylon rollers also offer maintenance costs savings and being corrosive resistant, offer all weather installations.


Beam trolley rollers
Monorail rollers
Turn table rollers.

AustLon® cast nylon trunnion wheels are used to reduce plant operation noise, reduce wear on the rotating barrel. Nylon Trunnion wheels can be used in applications of supporting the vertical barrel load and the dual thrust loads. For a comparision or design assistance, please contact us. Or send us some basic information relating to your application for or design engineer to conduct a design check.

Nylon trunion rollers for:

Rotary drum screens, Wire cable windows
Drag line turn tables
Foundry de-sanding drum tumblers

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