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Wear Plates and Wear Pads

Reasons for use
High wear resistance
Low maintenance
Corrosion resistance
Economical compared to metals
Impact resistant
Noise and vibration dampening
Food grade (natural grades)

There are numerous applications for AustLon® bearings and bushes in all mechanical areas such as:

Forklifts, cranes, earthmoving equipment, crushing equipment, electrical insulators, railway rolling stock, truck shackles, trailers, bail press, hydraulic press guides

Types of bushes
Pivot bushes, king pins, self aligning or spherical bearings, auger bearings, split bearings, journal bearings, flange bearings, materials handling equipment and food industry, Nylon Bearings and Nylon Bushes.

If you would additional information we have an information sheet available in relation to AustLon® bearings and bushes.

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