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AustLon® piling cushions

AustLon® piling cushions or piling pads are used to improve the pile-driving process by defering the energy transfer process reducing rebound and improving efficency. AustLon®PCX is the grade of material used for Pile cushions. This material has been developed in conjunction with leading member of the piling industry in Australia. Our research and field testing has led to our own unique composition and casting method for AustLon®PCX.

Pile driving is a common activity in the construction of large structures such as bridges, roadway construction and buildings. Piles—heavy beams of concrete, steel, or other material—are pounded into the ground by a large “hammer” attached to a crane. The cushion pad, positioned inside a “helmet” situated between the hammer and the pile, must transmit force in a controlled manner while protecting the pile.

AustLon® piling cushions have to be strong to withstand the impact and to transmit the driving force required while protecting your equipment and the pile. Piling cushions extend the life of your hammer while transmitting the maximum striking force to the pile.

Made of high impact resistant AustLon®PCX cast nylon, these cushion pads will absorb the initial hammer shock while transferring the power that you need to the helmet and into the pile. Damage to the contact point of the pile is reduced.

For more information, please download our Piling Cushion Information Sheet

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