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AustLon® Spincast Tube

AustLon® spincast tube is similar cored metal or hollow bar, but in nylon material. Typically nylon tube is used for bushing, particularly our oil filled type material.

Standard cast tube is 1200mm long but cut lengths are readily available in any AustLon® grade or type.

McNeall Plastics offers a range of tube sizes from 50mm (53mm cast size) to 340mm (346mm cast size) in diameter. All tube is cast with a tolerance allowing you to machine down to your desired finished size. For example, a 50mm tube will measure 53mm diameter, unmachined.

Internal bore sizes can be specified in 5mm increments. Allowances are also applied to internal bore sizes that enables you to machine to your desired finished machine size.

Allowances vary over the range. If you require a intermediate size please call us directly.

Our listing of our comprehensive range of spincast tube is available here.

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