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AustLon® Black

AustLon® black is highly crystalline and the hardest material. Carbon as a filler improves the manufacturing process reaction properties of AustLon® producing a harder, more wear resistant product. It is well suited to applications that require resiliance to high surface pressures (eg rollers and wire rope sheaves). AustLon® black also has exceptional ultra-violet (UV) properties for long-term outdoor applications.

Carbon acts as a dry lubricant, improving wear properties over AustLon® natural. In addition, carbon improves machinability with very fine finishes achievable.

Mechanical SI Units C100
Density g/cm3 1.16
Tensile Strength N/mm2 80
Modulus of Elasticity – Bend N/mm2 2950
Modulus of Elasticity – Tensile N/mm2 3250
Impact Strength (Charpy) – 23ºC kJ/mm2 50
Shore D. Hardness 81
Melting Point ºC 216
Thermal Conductivity W/MºC 0.25
Dielectric Constant – 50Hz 3.7
Dielectrical Strength – Dry kV/mm 35

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