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McNeall Plastics have been serving both the underground and above ground mining industries for nearly thirty years. AustLon® is a versatile and wear resistant engineering plastic that mine engineers and maintenance fitters have been using to improve productivity, solve problems and produce a safer work environment.

For example AustLon® wire rope sheaves save on wire rope wear, extending periods between maintenance. Lighter lubricants can be used reducing power requirements and dust retention causing wear. AustLon sheaves weigh up to 1/7 th the weight of steel sheaves. They are safer to install especially for those working at heights or down in tight pits.

AustLon® bearings are robust bushes particularly suited to extreme environments, dusty, frequent impact loads and hard to maintain places. AustLon® has typically offered extended periods of operation over the more traditional materials such as brass and bronze bushing materials. Exceptional wear properties and availability in almost any shape and size make AustLon® an engineering material worthy of consideration.

As McNeall Plastics are a  local Australian manufacturer as well as providing a machining service, even breakdowns can be met with short delivery times. Our professional engineering staff are available to provide design advice and offer information about past applications. This means that you can engineer a solution rather than take the “lets give this a go” approach.