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Auslon and tranport

AustLon® and Transport

McNeall Plastics has served the transport industry for nearly three decades. AustLon® is a versatile and wear resistant engineering plastic that transport design engineers, maintenance fitters and purchasing officers have been using to improve productivity, solve problems and produce a safer work environment.

For example, AustLon® C100 Oil Filled has provided significant service life improvements over traditional bronze and brass bushing materials. AustLon® has very different wear characteristics to that of metal bushings, meaning extended life is achieved even through tough dusty conditions. AustLon® copes with the repeated hammering of rough road conditions and extended times between lubrication. Exceptional wear properties and availability in almost any shape and size make AustLon® an engineering material worthy of consideration.

AustLon® bushes are lighter leading to reduced fuel costs, reduced courier delivery charges and ease of installation. Fitters prefer AustLon® bushes as replacement parts as they press easier.  Also where two bushes require line alignment AustLon® is easier to work with, thus reducing time. There is rarely any seizing between an AustLon® bush and the housing so there is no need for anti-seize compounds. Machining times for AustLon® bushes over that of brass or bronze are significantly reduced. This means you are back on the road quicker.

AustLon® being an engineering plastic offers noise reduction to trailer operation.

As a local manufacturer even breakdowns can be met with short delivery times. Our professional engineering staff are available to provide design advice and offer information about past applications. This means that you can engineer a solution rather than take the “give this a go approach”.