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AustLon® C90

AustLon® C90 is 90% Caprolactam (Nylon 6) + 10% Laurinlactam (Nylon 12), PA6/12G. The addition of laurinlactam significantly improves the impact properties over AustLon® C100, with a slight reduction in hardness and wear properties. This makes AustLon® C90 ideal for applications that experience impact, such as gears, coupling components and items that may be subject to rough treatment.

Similar materials to AustLon® use a chemical plasticiser additive to improve impact properties and machinability. This additive only partly improves impact properties compared to Laurinlactam. Chemical plasticisers are used because they cost less and reduce processing time of cast nylon whilst providing some benefits to impact properties. At McNeall Plastics we have resisted using such additives to provide the highest quality product to our customers.