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Acetal Co-Polymer

Chemical Name: Polyoxy-methylene
Abbreviation: POM-H(Acetal Homopolymere) POM-C(Acetal Copolymere)
*Colour  Natural (White), Black
*Form Plates, Rods
Applications: Machine components
ood and Pharmaceutical Industries
Machining: Excellent
Types: Glass Filled
Carbon Filled
PTFE Filled
Advantages: Does not absorb moisture
Suitable for use in wet environments
High mechanical strength and stiffness
Good dimensional stability
Disadvantages: Brittle, can crack.Not available in tubes or large sizes. Plate thicknesses are limited
Chemical Resistance: Acetals have good resistance to solvents and lubricants but are attacked by strong acids and alkalis.

Temperature Range:



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Up to 110°C