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Phenolic Cotton Cloth (Canvas Bakelite)


Chemical Name: Phenolic Resin
Common/ Trade Names: Canvas Bakelite,/Bakelite®, Tufnol®, Novasteen®


Mid Brown & Black for graphite filled


Plate, Rod, Tube
Grades: Paper, Canvas Fine & Coarse (F1,F2& F3), Graphite Filled, Glass Filled
Applications: Bushes,Wear pads, Rollers, Insulators & Gears
Machining: Machines well but produces a fine dust that needs to be extracted away from the machine operator.
Types: Phenolic and Epoxide resin
Advantages: Good electrical insulation propertiesLow moisture absorptionThermal stabilityStrength (depends on the filler weave type)
Disadvantages: Very dusty to machine. Other Engineering plastics can provide greater wear properties.Mechanical properties are directional due to the weave; components can fail along the weave which is a shear plane.
Chemical Resistance: Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance


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