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Chemical Name: Polypropylene
Abbreviation: PP
Common/ Trade Names: N/A 




Sheet Ridged, Rod
Grades: Standard PP
Applications: Due to Polypropylens’s good chemical resistance this material has many applications where chemical exposure is of consideration. Also its excellent cold working properties make it an excellent material to fabricate items.PP can be formed by bending and also welding makes it the material of choice for:-

Guards, Tanks, Buckets, Pipes

Ducting, Fume cupboards

Insulators, Valves

Machine Parts

Machining: Is soft to machine, however machines well.
Types: Rigid


Advantages: Can be heat formed or bent and welded.

Resists UV and Ozone exposure better than PVC.

Disadvantages: Soft

Scratches easily

Low mechanical strength

Chemical Resistance Very good resistance to acids. Does not like benzene or alcohol


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