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PTFE (Teflon) – Virgin

Chemical Name: PolyTetraFluoroEthylene
Abbreviation: PTFE
Common/ Trade Names: Teflon®, Rulon®, Hostaflon


White in Virgin form


Sheet, Rod, Tube and Block
Grades: Grades of PTFE are varied by the addition of fillers

Virgin (no filler), Glass fibre filled 15% and 25%, Carbon Filled, Bronze Filled

Applications: Back up washers, Bearing pads

Cup seals, Scraper Blades

V-packing, Plain Bearing Bushing

Lantern rings, O-Rings

Machining: Very good
Advantages: Does not absorb moisture

Low coefficient of friction

Tolerant of high temperature useful up to 200°C

Very good in contact with soft materials

Very good frictional characteristics between ‘Static’ and ‘Dynamic’ friction that is in “slip stick” application

Electrical insulation, Food Grade compatibility (Virgin)

Disadvantages: Low tensile strength and Compressive strength

Higher wear rate mainly due to comparatively lower mechanical properties,

High linear expansion

Higher Cost

Chemical Resistance: PTFE is considered to be a very Chemical resistant material.

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