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Chemical Name: Polyethylene
Abbreviation: PE, (LDPE, HDPE, UHMWPE)
Common/ Trade Names: Ralloy®, Tivar®, Polystone®, Daylon®, Jaylon®, Tufclad®, Pactene®


Varies due to branding and PE grades available


Grades: Standard Unfilled, Static Reduced, Ceramic Filled, Ceramic & Carbon Fibre.
Applications: Machine parts generally, Chain wear strips, Chute liners, Hopper liners, Guide strips, Cutting boards, Bottling plant change parts, mainly PET bottles, Irrigation and piping & Electrical insulators.
Machining: Can be tricky as the swarf does not chip, so the long continuous strand of swarf needs to be extracted or it will wrap around the job or tooling.
Types: UHMWPE- Ultra High Molecular WeighHMWPE – High Molecular WeightHDPE – High Density LDPE – Low DensityPE also has Re-Processed grades.
Advantages: Does not absorb moistureLow coefficient of friction Low material cost Large sheets up to 6 metres longHandles temperatures as low as -270°CCan be bent, formed & welded.
Disadvantages: Lower tensile and compressive strength and high thermal expansion up to 3 times that of other engineering plastics available limits its use.
Chemical Resistance: Good chemical and acid resistance.


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