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Reducing Costs When Ordering AustLon®

December 8th, 2008

Economic uncertainty often means that companies look for ways to cut costs. That’s understandable, but cutting costs does not have to mean using an inferior product to meet budget. We often find that customers that are able to order effectively are able to reduce the cost of their purchases by as much as 25 percent.

Here are three ways that our most cost- conscious customers reduce the cost when ordering AustLon®.

TIP 1 – Don’t add your own machining allowance. When ordering AustLon® tube from McNeall Plastics it is important that you advise our sales staff of your finish machine size FMS. McNeall’s casting process adds a minimum of 3mm and up to 8mm on the quoted nominal finish size. Adding your allowance will only result in greater wastage and more machining time – and cost.

TIP 2 – Ordering the right length. Our AustLon®  spun cast tubes are cast to a length of 1200mm, this is 200mm longer than our competition. We will also cut most tube in half to 600mm lengths.  AustLon®  tube  can be supplied  in a nominal OD sizes from 50mm to 340mm; generally in increments of 10mm in OD size. For sizes over 340mm we spin cast shorter length sleeves of AustLon®’ give us a call on your individual requirements.

TIP 3 – Let us do the machining. Customers often order AustLon® tube only to send it out to a sub-contractor for machining. This means additional costs, increased delivery time. Additional problems can also occur if machining is not done correctly. By having tube machined by McNeall Plastics, your order is ready for use on delivery and you avoid the risks associated with improper machining.

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AustLon® piling cushions

October 20th, 2008


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